Kind FM has the broadest coverage with unbelievable noiseless, and flawless voice in your state. Our audience is not the segment or specific segment oriented. It has unique formats that enjoy cross-generation recognition that will get your advertising message to a broad range of listeners with purchasing power. Kind FM is a typical online station which is made for promoting financial awareness and for helping every person who wants to take help regarding financial decisions. Kind FM staffed by volunteers from the broadcast areas who receive qualified training and are maintained by a staff team. Our focus is to build upon our long experience to create resources for people to use, wherever they are, improve what they do, better serve their communities, and strengthen their business case. We also have experts who can provide you with professional advice and solve your problems moreover they provide excellent and useful tips which can be used by any person to solve their financial problems.
Kind FM is something surprising that can be called as the jackpot. It has the most extensive coverage and has many common threads, yet every station is extraordinary and unique. Our primary focus is to try to help the youth who are passionate to make their lives much better and transform from better to best. We are trying to help the youth every person to recognize their self-worth, motivate themselves on different most essential and life-changing topics like how they can stay out of debt. We drive people regarding crucial financial information and basic finance; moreover, we help to motivate them to create financial self-worth.
Kind FM provides an excellent opportunity for open discussions where they can exchange useful information without any freight of getting judged by anyone in any manner. There is a great educational environment generated by Kind FM, here is complete openness to have an audience or be the host every week with their topics. Here anyone can create his audience, and listeners most liked the host and can stay and work as a presentation. At Kind FM, everyone can learn and talk about cultural background to understand equality and again the financial implications of race and culture. We ensure the equality and against the inequality based on race, color, religion, etc. we just praised the ideas, knowledge, and experience and all of the useful financial tips associated with it to participate in this exciting environment freely.
At Kind FM, we believe that our delivers skills secrets, constructs public spirit, and joins societies to the societies and people to people to serve them in a way that no other tool can and also share their useful golden experience. We welcome the people to share their valuable and golden expertise with our listeners to prove themselves and get motivated to take some tremendous financial step in their lives. We strive to build our wealth of knowledge and developing our consultancy services.

Our Team

Rene Walker

Radio Host

Molly Dunn

Radio Host

James Dixon

Radio Host/DJ